Corporate Social Responsibility for Foodservice Operators

Leigh Grant Consulting develops cost-effective, commercially-viable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies, enabling your business to meet this increasing market demand, whilst ensuring it genuinely adds tangible value to your business.

Leigh Grant Consulting can support your business with the following:

  • Delivering a commercially-viable approach to CSR that builds tangible business.
  • Implementing higher welfare standards cost-effectively that add value.
  • Support and assistance in developing alternative distribution options.
  • Supplier appraisal and selection advice.
  • Existing / new supplier appraisal.
  • Development of meaningful, bespoke standards that support brand values.
  • Maximising margins through alternative supply options.
  • Develop USPs to build market share and attract diners from competitors.
  • Solutions to respond to consumer’s ethical expectations.
  • Understanding assurance and how it can benefit your business.
  • Working with NGOs and outlining the opportunities and pitfalls.
  • Advice and assistance to build secure supply chains.